Getting fit and staying active


Recent studies have shown that the combination of walking as a form of activity and the social reward of taking part in a group can yield great results in terms of improving individual health and wellbeing.

Walking in groups has been shown to offer physical, social and mental health benefits to participants. It provides the opportunity to:

  • get fit and stay active
  • meet new people and make new friends.
St Clears Walking Well Group

There is always someone to talk to amongst the group – something for everyone and a wide range of local knowledge that everyone can tap into

When asked why they have joined a Walking Well group, new walkers say that their aims are to improve their fitness and to meet new people. After just a few walks, these aims are being met and walkers are surprised just how far they are able to walk – hardly noticing the exercise they are taking as the walks are a really good excuse for a good old chat.

Discover the benefits of group walking and join your local Walking Well group now. It is free, there is no need for specialist equipment, and there is no obligation to continue if you find it just isn’t for you.